Top 3 Cannabis Shop Interior Designers You Should Know About

Top 3 Cannabis Shop Interior Designers You Should Know About

In the past decade, the cannabis market has been booming. Countries worldwide have legalized the potent flower’s use for medical and recreational use, and many more are working on legislation. This increase in popularity has created an enormous demand for more cannabis shops that need to create a safe, inviting environment for their clients. As the cannabis industry’s customer base grows, the need for interior design elements that cater to a wider variety of individuals arises.

Why is Cannabis Shop Design Important?

Medical cannabis is now legal in many European countries and the industry is growing in leaps and bounds. According to New Frontier Data, sales in the UK alone are expected to be worth £3.1bn by 2025. Savvy retailers invest in thoughtful and carefully designed storefronts to ensure healthy growth to fit their customer base. It’s clear that the cannabis industry isn’t going anywhere soon.

If you’re looking to invest in an upgrade for your cannabis shop, consider adding a few cannabis shop interior design elements. By incorporating features geared toward the unique needs of cannabis users, retailers can accommodate a broader range of clientele.

We spoke to Cara Robinson, Head of CX Experience at UK Herb Vape Elevate to understand why the interior design of a vaporizer store is important and we picked her brain for some of the best designers to work with.

Starting a Store in 2022

What features do marijuana retailers want in 2022? You want an inviting atmosphere that encourages sales and keeps customers coming back. Depending on your dispensary’s theme, you’ll want to select materials and furnishings that fit within the decor you’ve laid out.

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Marijuana users are a particular demographic, and they come from various walks of life with different tastes. For this reason, it’s essential to consider how your interior design elements will affect the customer experience when you’re building out your shop. The best cannabis shop interior designers understand how to design a space that caters to the needs of your target audience.

Popular “wellness” brands have no trouble attracting a wide range of clientele, so your focus should be on personalizing the consumer experience with cannabis shop interior design elements. To accomplish this goal, you’ll need to consider each client’s specific needs. For example, medical consumers want privacy and a quiet place to relax, so consider adding soundproofing elements.

Three Interior Designers You Should Contact

By hiring an experienced cannabis shop interior designer, you’ll be able to engage with your core customer base more effectively via a carefully designed retail space. A few names have risen as frontrunners in the cannabis shop interior design market.

Sun Grow Studio

Founder and interior designer Melanie Coddington is a native of the West Coast destination that’s well-known for top-shelf buds and the home of many new, potent strains. She knows her flowers and has designed some of the most stunning spaces for dispensaries that could double as Instagram-worthy showrooms over the past decade.

Design 710

In Philadelphia, another woman-owned interior design firm, Design 710, has over 20 years of industry experience and has focused on cannabis shop interior design since 2017. The firm has amassed an extensive portfolio of projects, including several Restore medical dispensaries in Ohio.

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Harka is a low-carbon architecture firm that focuses on eco-friendly, toxin-free dispensary designs. The team joins clients and other experts to create a space as clean as the flowers it displays. Their projects include a state-of-the-art dispensary in Astoria, Oregon.

Cannabis shops are in high demand, and retail space design is crucial for customer satisfaction. If you’re thinking about opening your dispensary or looking to upgrade an existing one, it’s essential to consider cannabis shop interior designers who can help create an inviting atmosphere that caters to marijuana users.