Tips in Remodelling a Small Bathroom

Tips in Remodelling a Small Bathroom

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean it won’t be relaxing. You can still find a way to improve whatever space is available. You might even think of remodelling it as it can be a worthy investment. As you start designing the bathroom, here are some tips to consider.

Use a corner sink

You will save space if the sink is on the corner. Besides, putting it in the middle of the bathroom doesn’t do much anyway. So, if this minor change can improve whatever space is available in your bathroom, you should be open to the idea.

Use a shower curtain or an enclosure

Another strategy is to use a frameless shower enclosure. It improves your bathroom’s appearance and also creates a seamless connection between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. Having a divider when you bathe makes the experience safer and more private.

Choose vanity furniture

The good thing about using vanity furniture is that it keeps everything you need in one area. Your bathroom won’t look messy anymore. If you have everything on top, it becomes an eyesore. The furniture serves as a storage unit and improves the bathroom’s appearance. You might have to spend more to purchase the item, but you won’t regret it. Choose a vanity with rounded corners to help save space.

Use large patterns

If you decide to use tiles, choose big patterns. They will create an illusion that the bathroom is larger than it is. The same applies when you use shower curtains or other accessories. More prominent patterns are helpful in many ways.

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Place a huge mirror on the wall

Of course, a bathroom won’t be complete without a mirror. You also need it to create an illusion of space, as it reflects the other side and makes you think there’s more to what you see. Hence, life-sized mirrors are usually worth buying.

Mount the towel bar on the door

You might think that a small bathroom won’t do the job if you wish to have an area for mounting the towel bar. The solution is to place it behind the door. It will still serve its purpose without the need for more space.

Choose a minimalistic design

When you have a small bathroom space, you can’t overwhelm it with more items. As long as the essentials are available, the bathroom is good enough. Take a step back and determine what you must remove. You will realise the bathroom looks better without the unnecessary items.


Remodelling a bathroom takes time and effort. It’s even trickier when you don’t have enough space. With these tips, you can pursue your remodelling plans and make the area look bigger than it is.

Start by looking at various designs to get inspiration. You don’t have to copy whatever you see. Instead, list the essential qualities you might want to use in your bathroom. You can also ask others who don’t have a big bathroom to discuss some tips with you. They might be able to give you helpful advice on designing your small bathroom.