Things To Look Out For While Designing A Bathroom

Things To Look Out For While Designing A Bathroom

There are two main things to keep in mind before designing a bathroom.

1) The type of house needs to be taken into consideration so that the bathroom style matches it

2) The amount of space you have for the bathroom

What Type Of House Do You Have?

The first and most important thing to take into consideration is the type of house; whether it is a bungalow, farmhouse or a simple flat. The bathroom must match the type of house you live in.


If you live in a bungalow, then it is safe to say you have enough and more space to build your bathroom. Go with a modern style master bathroom, so that you can use the available space most effectively. In this type of bathroom, any theme would work like a charm because of the abundance of space. Various colour schemes work well too: anything from a simple and basic colour palette like white or grey, or with something a little more lively such as purple, green or yellow. If you want to make the bathroom look intimate and cosy, try to go for darker shades. Technology is one thing you can implement in the bathroom for supreme comfort and relaxation if you decide on a modern bathroom.


A farmhouse is usually a homey place, ever so warm and welcoming. Bathroom items in a place such as a farmhouse include galvanised metal, mason jars, old wood and concrete. Wood is the key element here, along with natural stones. A colour scheme should be picked such that it not only genuinely relaxes you but also matches the aesthetic of the farmhouse. The beauty of the minimally finished wood can be highlighted with some subtle bathroom vanity, with warm wood, soft, toned or neutral patterned bathtubs looking really classy.

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bathroom Design


To have great style and function, a big bathroom is not just enough. First thing first: analyse the space you have. It would be best if you made sure that the bathroom does not look cluttered in any way.

The use of colours in the bathroom is absolutely essential, with the most popular colour choice being blue on the lighter side. Wood and glass materials are used in smaller apartments to make them appear sophisticated.

Types of Bathrooms

The available space inside the bathroom plays a very crucial role in deciding what kind of bathroom is perfect for a house. Here are the three types of bathrooms you can decide from.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is generally luxurious and connected to the master bedroom. Suitable for a bungalow, this type of bathroom requires a lot of space.

Full Bathroom

Practical and beautiful, a full bathroom is generally for the whole family. The available space is used thoroughly and gives a spa-like feeling.

Three Quarter Bathroom

Compared to a modern and full bathroom, three-quarter bathrooms are smaller in size. Bold colours in decor make the three-quarter bathroom look more appealing, even a bit bigger.

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