The History of Welsh Slate

The History of Welsh Slate

Any construction project will look better with a slate. This can be part of the interior or exterior design of your house, like on the flooring. It is made of high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting use. Slate will also enhance the appearance of your home on a different level. It is commonly seen in luxurious places, such as the Roman Fort and Edward I’s Fortress.

This post will introduce the origin of Welsh Slate and the reasons why homeowners should invest in it.

Welsh Slate’s Origin

Welsh Slate has been the source of the best slates in the world for over 500 million years. They have been of high quality since then and are used for a wide range of home design projects.

The production of slate has started in North Wales for more than a thousand years. Slate played a vital role in the business as compared to the coal industry in South Wales. It helped the local economy but there comes a time of slate extinction. This results in a global impact on the economy, however, it did not reach the point of total demise.

There are three series of slate deposits, including Silurian, Cambrian, and Ordovician. It can be found in particular quarries in the state. Nantlle Valley and Penryhn are rare examples. A smaller amount of slate deposits also exists in the islands of Anglesey. Those are only a few of the sources of quality slate, and there is more that you can search online.

Despite the collapse of the slate industry in the past years, it began to rise again in the 18th century. The sudden growth is because of the increasing demand for slate materials in the cities. They are used for roofing houses and factories within the town.

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Around the end of the 19th century, the slate industry persisted to dominate Northwest Wales and other parts of the land. This brought a better economy that opened a lot of work opportunities in 1898 for over a hundred thousand labourers. Almost half a million slates are subject to the manufacturing process. As a result, the quarries continue to extend to the communities that are once shunned but now also thrive.

So then, Welsh Slate easily entered the global market through the ports of Dinorwig and Penrhyn. It took advantage of the nearby railways to connect quarries for faster production of slate. There are also quarries in the mountains which is why planes are a huge help to push through operations.

Welsh Slate has an average of 500,000 tons of slate produced each year. Since it is more expensive, many contractors prefer cement-based material, which affects the production level of slate.

The Current Welsh Slate

Welsh Slate began to decrease slate production by the end of the 19th century. However, the operation in the quarry is still in existence. The manufacturing of slate reached the United Kingdom in 1995 while the Welsh Slate stands strong in the business until it supplies the world’s need for slate materials. It owned some notable slate quarries around North Wales.

Welsh offers a variety of slates that are sturdy and long-lasting. These are perfect for different home styles because of their prominent design. Though the market assures durable options, it is all up to you which type of slate you would choose. The most common Welsh slates on the market that you can consider are the Penrhyn and CWT-y Bugail.

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Choosing a Welsh Slate For Your Needs

There are several producers of slate you may encounter in the market, so here are things you should know to decide correctly:

  • Durability

Always look for a slate made of sturdy materials. Since it comes from natural elements, it would be more difficult to identify which one best suits your needs. That being said, the slate will last longer due to its unsurpassed elements. Ask a person who knows the distinctions of materials used to produce slate. This can save you time and money in looking for a high-quality slate.

  • Cost-Efficient

Unlike the other slate choices, Welsh Slate requires less to no maintenance at all. It is due to the materials this slate is made of. It features insulating properties that help to save up energy, hence reducing your expenses. This is ideal for a cooler climate so that the slate won’t deteriorate in quality and performance.

  • Very Versatile

Many households consider slates in setting up roofs and flooring. The reason behind this is that slate has different styles to choose from and in the early centuries, it was usually intended for those purposes. On the other hand, slate house signs are also available in the market. They are customizable to correspond to more home designs and your preferences.

Where to Buy Slate House Signs?

If you are looking for house signage, Welsh Slate House Signs can provide you with options. They are all handmade and of the best quality that is distinct from the competitors. Finding what suits your home style is easier as the company allows customized designs. There will also be no problem during installation for the slate sign comes with durable fixing and full instruction to keep you guided. Moreover, these slate signs are sold at a reasonable price.

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Final Thoughts

Welsh State is a famous slate manufacturer through the years. It has invaded the global market resulting in more quarries around the world to sustain huge slate production. Many construction projects can testify about their quality that you can also check online.