Is Oak a Good Option for Furniture?

Is Oak a Good Option for Furniture?

We may have multiple ideas and plans for the drawing space in our home at the time of construction. But how often does all of that materialize? Coming to an agreement with the likes and dislikes of your family will take some considerable time. While some people prefer wood for the furniture at home, many others like to have chairs and tables designed in the most modern styles on MDF or plywood. Oak is one of the options that is being used for furniture, and various grades are available for the same purpose. Many small projects are planned with oak, but not many of them successfully end up with those pieces. A lack of research might provide you with the lowest quality products. So, you must learn more about oak furniture features. If you plan to fill your rooms with furniture made from oak, let us look at its various benefits to see if it is a good option for your house.

1. Availability

Since the cultivation of oak is monitored by FSC and PEFC, the wood is available in plenty. The timber yield from the trees is high because they can grow up to 40 feet in height. With all these features being offered, the country doesn’t need to be concerned about the harvesting and logging of trees. The departments ensure sustainable development by planting new trees after cutting down a whole area in the forest, thereby maintaining a balance in nature. Therefore, oak is readily available in many parts of the world. Oak trees are good for kitchen work surfaces and dining tables.

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Oak furniture for dinning

2. Appearance

The distinctive golden color is the main feature that keeps drawing the consumers to oak furniture. Most people using oak furniture prefer wood over any other material because of its pleasing appearance. More modern design schemes cab be complemented by the subtle grain. Oak furniture would be a great addition to an older building as it would create a sense of continuity to the whole environment. A coffee table with waney edges makes for the perfect setting in a patio or a game room. Kiln-dried oak and green oaks are used for internal furniture, and they hold a distinct appearance to catch the attention of guests right away. Application of oils will bring out the timber’s grain, but this may have to be done periodically in order to keep the attractive look intact.

3. Durability

Unlike many other kinds of wood, oak can take a lot of abuse and pressure because it has natural longevity and strength. Mahogany is the most widely accepted and preferred hardwood, but oak provides better strength and hardwearing properties. Some woods would easily give in to the pressures, leaving dents on the surface. On the other hand, oak can take even huge blows and extended wear, making it one of the best options for furniture in the public dining areas and frequently used areas in your home. Use green oak or kiln-dried oak for indoor furniture.

These three features alone make oak an excellent option for your home furniture.

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