Hallway Interior Design

Hallway Interior Design

The hallway is the first thing to greet you when you arrive home after a stressful day at work, and the majestic stairway to the blissful haven of your bedroom. For these reasons, the hallway is an important part of your home, and an essential part of your home interior design.

For hallway decorating ideas to whet the appetite, please feel free to explore our collection of hallway interior design projects, based on a selection of Taylors Etc Designer Hall Interiors.

The hallway decoration pictures below are outcomes of our complete interior design service.

Hallway Design ideas are vital part of decorating your home interior. This is the place where you walk to go for your daily task or to attend special functions. So, it has to be decorated beautifully to impress the visitors.

Hallway design ideas are plentiful and it is up to you to find a great way to decorate your own Hallway. Hallway is commonly known as the private living room. So, decorate this place in an elegant manner. Check out these contemporary collection of 25 Stunning Hallway Design Ideas to get inspired and beautify your hallway.

The most common idea to decorate the hallway is to make it look more alive and cozy. To achieve this effect use natural and aged wood as accents and stylish furnishings. Use large windows and doors to allow natural light to stream through your halls. Small windows and doors on either side of your threshold will also add a wonderful touch to your hallways.

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Another great way to decorate your hallways is to use various types of art in various frames to compliment your style. For example if you have a traditional style then try using traditional style furniture pieces such as a dining table and chairs with intricate carvings.

Metro tiles can also be used along with other materials like glass, limestone, sandstone etc. These materials are also highly admired for their beautiful designs and colors. To complete your old-fashioned look you can even use traditional style lighting fixtures like old-fashioned lamps, tea lights and other such unique home decor accessories.

If you want a more contemporary look to your interior design then you need to pay special attention to your hallway decorating.

A lot of people make the mistake of decorating their hallways with too many paintings and wall prints. Instead, what you need to do is to balance your artwork and other decorative items with other elements present in your interior design. For example if you are using a traditional style then go for a more modern piece of furniture that has clean lines. Try painting your favorite photos or other objects against a neutral color so that they don’t stand out. In case your walls are in an old fashioned style, then wall prints will work well along with leather and other similar furniture pieces.

As the temperature begins to climb, so does the amount of sunlight streaming in through your windows. While floor-to-ceiling windows can create a lovely sense of spaciousness in your home, they also have the potential to up the temperature and decrease the privacy in your home. This is where window blinds come in.

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You have likely seen the overpriced, poorly designed window blinds in your local home improvement store. You know the ones I’m talking about—the ones with patterns that make them look like they belong in a nightclub bathroom, or the ones that actually say “Club” on them. Window blinds are a very important part of decorating a home, but they can also be very confusing for people who don’t know anything about them – we suggest checking out this Blind company in Herts.

For timeless elegance you can use period pieces of furniture like a grand fireplace with period lamps, a crystal chandelier, and beautiful antique pieces. For a modern and chic style then go for bold color patterns, smooth metal furniture and unique front door decorations. For a classic and vintage look then you can use period floor tiles such as cobalt blue and ivory red. Floor tiles add a certain amount of character and warmth to your hallway design and the best part is that they are easy to install.

For a very small hallway you can also use a narrow hallway as a design gallery. There are different ways you can decorate your narrow hallway such as by painting it with an aqueous white color and adding sculptures and other elements in the room.

For the base of your shelves and other elements you can use glass beads and aluminum strips. In case you have hardwood floors, then you can lay ceramic tile or other materials on them to make a stylish and inviting entrance way.

For a more contemporary design you can choose between wood and metal materials for your wall decoration. Although a wood floor with colorful elements will definitely make your hallway feel modern but when you choose metal elements such as iron elements then your hallway can be made into a trendy and stylish entry way.

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In case you have a period home then using period furniture items can give a rich yet comfortable look to your hallway. Placing an antique mirror on the wall will give a great way to reflect light in the hallway and add period charm to your front door.