Four Garden Buildings You Could Build Yourself

Four Garden Buildings You Could Build Yourself

 Your garden is an excellent location to relax. Make it an even better place by constructing a lovely little building. It doesn’t have to be complex; there are several building types that you can quickly build on your own, thanks to pre-made kits or simple DIY videos. All you need is a bit of skill and the time to construct them. Here are four that you should have no problem building.

Basic sheds

The most uncomplicated garden structure that you can build is the basic shed. Considering that sheds mainly need four walls and a roof, they are effortless to construct. You can even source the materials from simple wooden pallets if you use the shed for storage. Starting your shed construction, you need to choose what plan to follow. There are several DIY plans online, so you can easily do this part. The plans will tell you what materials to buy and the general shape of the shed. It should get you started and allow you to set one up easily.

Gazebos for some quiet time

Gazebos are a bit more complex than your basic shed. However, you can buy a complete kit for the minimum price of £1600. Delivery time should be a few weeks. When it arrives, follow the instructions, and you should have a gazebo set up in a short time. With some good care, the gazebo will last more than a decade. Gazebos can be as complex as you want them to be. The fancier ones will take weeks to build, but the simpler ones are a bare roof and some benches. 

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Quiet garden offices

An upgrade to your basic shed, a garden office will require more work. To begin, you can use some shed plans as the foundation of your office. Instead of a place to store things, you will be working inside it. It means you need to consider ventilation and lighting. Additionally, you might want to get some cladding like those that you can find if you click here to cover the rough wooden walls and floors. Finally, you may want to connect the office to electricity and the internet to allow you to work.

Greenhouses for some growing

The most challenging garden structure to build is a greenhouse. Most people conceive a greenhouse as a glass house, but you can make it work with plastic sidings or even polyethene. Do some research online and find greenhouse plans that you can use. If you have the money, buying a complete kit will make things easier. However, it will still be a lot of work to set things up.

Final thoughts

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the result of your hard work. Garden buildings can be something to be proud of, especially if you did all the work yourself. However, don’t expect to finish it in a single day. The easiest will take four days of continuous work, while the more complex ones will take a week or two. However, you will be pleased to see the finished product.