Bathroom Design Service

Bathroom Design Service

The bathroom represents the beginning and ending of every busy day; it’s a room in which it’s frequently an escape, and also a place where many practice daily health rituals.

In recent years, bathroom design has evolved to accommodate this growing trend towards self-care, resulting in rooms that look and feel more spacious and indulgent. Today, many bathrooms are equipped with steam and sauna, as well as multiple sinks, small baths, and tiled floors.

In many instances, homeowners are even choosing light coloured flooring and tile, rather than wood or marble. These contemporary touches, along with custom cabinetry, create a modern haven within your home.

Bathroom design trends today typically center around convenience, and this trend can be observed in both the type of tubs available, as well as the types of showers, cabinets, countertops and accessories.

For example, powder rooms have taken on a modern appearance, as well as become extremely popular with families who are seeking a place to take a relaxing bubble bath. Powder rooms essentially combine a showering area with a powder-filled ‘tumbler’. Tubs are no longer simply used for bathing. These versatile shower areas are ideal for creating personal hydrotherapy, as well as for relieving stress and helping to relax.

Other bathroom design trends focus on the incorporation of vanities. Vanities are not a new addition to this segment of bathroom design, but rather, they have become increasingly popular as homeowners seek ways to add extra storage to their bathrooms, as well as to make use of the space within their bathrooms for additional storage options.

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Many individuals are finding that adding a vanity to their powder room vanity unit, or even a wall mounted pedestal sink, can actually increase the size of their bathrooms. Furthermore, depending on the type of vanity chosen, homeowners may find that they are able to utilize space that was previously dedicated for another purpose.

Another bathroom trend that has hit the market is the installation of toilet vanities.

While some may still think of this fixture as a rather old-fashioned piece of furniture, there are those who are coming to view it as a necessity in today’s world. With bathroom vanities, homeowners are able to add a unique piece of furniture to their homes. These items can include everything from small, corner units, to larger sinks and toilets, and even medicine cabinets.

A growing trend in today’s bathrooms is the installation of customized showers. While some homeowners choose to install a basic hot or cold shower fixture, others opt to include special features that are specific to their individual needs.

The most common of these fixtures include whirlpool jets, rain showerheads and hand showers. Some homeowners may also opt for features such as walk-in shower enclosures, hand held shower heads and hand held shower tips.

One of the largest changes in the way people view showering in their homes is the introduction of specialty showers. For example, one of the newest trends in bathroom remodeling includes the installation of photovoltaic showers.

These showers utilize electricity to both heat and shower the body. While this technology is still a bit early in the developmental stages, it already provides an excellent way to save money on utilities.

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Tile is another important element that is frequently included in remodeling projects. In addition to being one of the earliest styles of bathroom flooring, marble has long been a favorite among homeowners.

However, because marble is a natural material, it does come at a somewhat higher cost. As a result, new trends in bathroom design are leaning more towards custom tile designs that can be installed at a much lower cost.

Other trends in the bathroom include the use of stainless steel and chrome bathroom cabinets. These cabinets can be custom finished to meet any decorating taste.

In addition to eliminating the need for boring white cabinets, floating vanities have become an increasingly popular option. These vanities can be installed to add depth and dimension to a bathroom while also serving as a useful storage area.