6 Cost-Effective Luxury Kitchen Ideas

6 Cost-Effective Luxury Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is slowly becoming the most important part of your home. More modern house projects today are keeping kitchens as their main focal point of the home. This demands you to take steps of your own to add curb value to your kitchen. You, too, can create a luxurious space with the help of these tips. These ideas from interior designing experts will save you money while adding more appeal to your kitchen.

Replace granite countertops with granite top overlays

Several manufacturers today create granite or polymer shell that can fit right on top of your current countertop. These easy to fix overlays will help add a more luxurious feel without completely replacing the entire countertop. You can save half of the price with overlays that you would spend on buying and installing complete granite countertops.

Use ceramic tiles install of marble tile

Today the new ceramic tile technology is able to create the same looks of marble while saving you a lot of money. There are several man-made varieties of ceramic tiles that you can choose from. You can also find ceramic tiles that look like hardwood that you can use to give your kitchen a woody texture.

Substitute hardwood floors with laminate wood

Hardwood is an expensive material to get for your kitchen. It also requires high maintenance over the seasons as the wood can expand and shrink over time. High-end laminate flooring looks and feels the same as real hardwood. It comes in a number of different colors that match the real wood flooring. The laminate wood flooring also does not scratch like hardwood, maintaining its shine for a long time.

Substitute granite sinks for deep bowl

The sinks for the countertop can get pretty expensive based on the material you opt for. Use a deeper bowl made of stainless steel instead of granite sinks to make your kitchen more practical. You can find sinks with multiple compartments that you can use to clean your dishes effectively. Stainless steel sinks are an affordable and modern approach for a luxury kitchen.

Re-face wood cabinets while renovating

Instead of replacing your old kitchen cabinets during renovation, try to re-plan them around the area. You do not have to replace your original cabinets with new ones. You can laminate the old cabinets to add the shine and replace the old door pull hardware with the new ones. It will save money for your pocket while making it look like you replaced the cabinets.

Use off the shelf lighting fixtures

There are several lighting fixtures available today that can add curb value to your kitchen and home. These fixtures can be expensive and also not fit your kitchen décor properly. Take the help of an interior designer to find more practical fixtures that do not interfere with your work in the kitchen while being readily available for all types of occasions.

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